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Shenzhen Mintec Innovation Technology Industry Co., Ltd (MTI), is a high-tech enterprise to offer PCB designing, manufacturing, and assembling service to customers around the world. As a service-leading PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly (PCBA) partner, MTI provides one-stop contract manufacturing service within industrial, medical, telecommunication and automotive industries, from headquarter in Shenzhen.


Schematic Design, PCB Layout, SMT, PCB Assembly and Box Build

Our experience manufacturing a wide range of products makes us ready to handle your new product requirements.

Delivering solutions that
transform our industry.

Our services will allow you to be the most competitive player in your market, by upholding your quality, and bringing you the edge in terms of pricing, access to dedicated & specialized production facilities in the cost-competitive country, and improvement of your supplying capability.


Established in 2004 over 16 years of experience


More than 4000 customers


250+ Cites served


More than 25+ Awords and certifictions


Latest from MTI

Innovative ESP32 Module Integration: The Ultimate Guide to Custom PCB Design

The ESP32 module, renowned for its versatility and power, has become a staple in IoT projects. Integrating this module into custom PCB designs requires precision and expertise. MTI, a leading PCB assembly manufacturer, excels in creating high-quality…

Achieving Economies of Scale in PCB Production

In the competitive electronics industry, achieving economies of scale in PCB production is crucial for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. MTI, a leading PCB assembly manufacturer, leverages advanced manufacturing techniques and strategic…

Reliable PCB Prototype for New Product Development

In the fast-paced world of electronics, having a reliable PCB prototype is crucial for new product development. MTI, a renowned PCB manufacturer, offers high-quality PCB prototypes that cater to the diverse needs of innovators and developers.…


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